Plastic bags, marking tapes, covering advertising billboards, isothermal bags.
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Custom plastic bags

Manufacturas politeno it's a company specializing in the treatment and handling of plastic packaging for all industries.
We manufacture since 1958.

MAPOL recyclable bags

An extensive catalog in plastic packaging

Contact will inform you of all the technical characteristics of our products and the minimum order quantity.
Here are some examples of our bags and plastic packaging.

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bolsa industrial

Bags for industry

We manufacture a wide range of packaging bags for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. Industrial bags for indoor protection boxes. Bags with side fold, fold bags in the background, antistatic bags, etc.

Bolsas de asa troquelada

Die-cut handle bags

Die-cut handle bag with advertising. This type of bags can take reinforcement (patch). In this range of bags we have vandal bags.They can also be made with punched handle bags colors and metallic material.

Bolsas de lazo

Tape-handle bags

Tape-handle bags can be printed with your advertising. These plastic bags with tie can be transported with such comfort and ease that are reusable and thus ensure their long print advertising.

Bolsas tipo camiseta

T-shirt bags

The T-shirt bags are the most common in the market because as they are light and handy to suit all types of products and businesses. You may also print your advertising or third parties in various colors.

Bolsas de basura recicladas

Rubbish bags of recycled material

Garbage plastic bags and recycled material in rolls or packages.Garbage bags recycled. Such talk may be submitted bags in rolls or packages. Garbage bags closing easier. Let's ecological policy to ensure the production processes.

Bolsas de asa rígida boutique

Snap-handle bags for boutiques

Plastic bag with rigid handle and print advertising. This garment bag are so aesthetic that give prestige to your business. These bags really aimed at the fashion boutique can be manufactured in different sizes and weights.

Sacos industriales

Industrial sacking

We manufacture all kinds of plastic bags in different materials politheno, high and low pressure, polypropylene, etc. Wide range of industrial bags.

Saco hospitalario grupo II

Hospital sack grup II

Yellow sack or bag used for nonspecific Plumbing Textiles not stained with infectious body fluids. Dressing materials: pads, bandages, cotton, dressings, plasters, etc.

Bolsas con percha

Bags with a hanger and aircraft tab

lastic bags with a hanger or hook inside facilitating be hung in a display store. Bags hanger with lower or upper closure. These bags are widely used in fashion boutiques and shops.

Bolsas con solapa adhessiva

Bags with flap and adhseive strip seal

Bags with adhesive flap type on. Ability to add a tape to the end. The adhesive can be removable (can be opened and closed several times) or permanent (the bag must be closed to access content).

Bolsas con solapa adhessiva

Inviolable bags with tamperproff

Bags with adhesive flap inviolable. Ideal for maintaining the privacy of the content. Inviolable adhesive closure bags for carrying official documents. The closures show any attempt to involuntary opening.

Bolsas (PP) microperforadas

Micro-perforated polypropylene (PP)

Microperforated polypropylene bags are used for all types of product that needs a good transpiration. The microperforated bags used to keep in perfect bread, pastries, vegetables, etc.

Bolsas para envasado al vacío

Vacuum-seal bags

Bags for vacuum packaging system used as raw food preservation, semi-prepared or cooked. The lack of oxygen in the air prevent the development of aerobic bacteria that cause putrefaction of the product.

Bobinas y láminas de PP y PE

PP & PE Sheeting

Polyethylene, biaxially oriented and complex for automatic packaging, with or without printing polypropylene. Print and complex for all kinds of automatic or semiautomatic, both vertical and horizontal packaging.

bolsa plástico personalizada

Customize plastic bags

But find the reference you are looking for bags, please contact us. We are specialized manufacturers in customizing all kinds of plastic bags for industry and commerce.

bolsa plástico personalizada tipo mochila

Plastic backpacks

Plastic bags with the possibility to customize them type backpack. Specials for events of all kinds.

Special packaging and plastic products with high quality

These are the three specialized in isothermal bags, belts and covers fences marking sites.
We have the best catalog in such plastic products.

bolsas isotérmicas MAPOL

Isothermal bags

Isothermal bags are excellent solutions for safely transporting cold, frozen, deep frozen and hot, uncut your cold chain. We can customize any bag isothermal duplex.
isothermal bags MAPOL
cintas de balizamiento MAPOL

Barricade tapes

We can design and manufacture marking tape you need. Rolls of tape marking or signaling polythene with the width you need and print 1-sided or 2-sided.
barricade tapes
bolsas isotérmicas MAPOL

Cover fences

The sheaths covering fences are the best choice of static advertising to companies that organize events or organizations need to limit an area with billboards. Such covers are reusable.
cover fences

Manufacturers of plastic bags in Barcelona

In MAPOL S.L. these values we have as philosophy: efficiency, honesty, personal attention and transparency in management. This understanding of our work we have consolidated as specialized manufacturers in all kinds of plastic packaging products.
Mapol sl It is a manufacturer since its inception in 1958. We have professionals with extensive experience in the treatment and handling of the plastic world. We have the highest technology in printing plastic bags. We have a wide range of products; plastic bags of all types, models and sizes. All our plastic bags are manufactured in our facilities with the guarantee of quality and service commitment that our company always treasure.

Manufacturers of plastic packaging

Mapol S.L. It is one of the pioneers of the Spanish state in the manufacture and handling of plastic packaging products.

Personalization of plastic bags

One of our main features is customization to detail of our products offering answers to all the needs that will arise to our customers.

Professional services and deliveries

As packaging suppliers believe that good service is one of the priorities requiring our customers. We comply with agreed delivery deadlines.


Manufacturas Politeno S.L.

Ctra. de la Vila, 80-82 08840 Viladecans (Barcelona)

Tel: 93 658 18 08 – Fax: 93 658 18 58


Manufacturers experts

Advertising cover fences

Customize advertise your company through a plastic cover fences, economically, easy and convenient to install on any type of fence limiting any event.

Barricade tape

The tape marking or signage is the fastest and most economical way to define zones, ensure security and provide advertising support to customize the tapes with the customer's logo.


Manufacturas Politeno S.L. (known under the trade name Mapol) is a family business that began its journey in May 1958. Therefore, we can say that we were one of the pioneers in manufacturing plastic packaging.

We have always striven to maintain four core values: efficiency, honesty, personalised attention and transparency in management.